Green text. Black background. Blink. Blink.

There’s nothing scarier than the blank page when writing. The fear of staring at an empty canvas without a shred of intuition as where or how to begin. I used to write on a daily basis about anything. Places I went, random thoughts throughout the day. Somehow I’ve become the couch potato of thought expression.

Lying sideways on the bed, I decide to write. Words being to form. Gotta get the sleepies out first. Stretch that creative muscle. A comma here, a clever word there. Combine two unrelated sentences into a single one. Oh yes, that’ll do. Blocks of green start to fill the once blank screen. Confidence ensues. I like cake.

But then you become tired and lose focus. Magic words no longer run through your fingertips. You read over what you’ve put down so far.

Cake? Rubbish. Delete.

Well that got us nowhere.

Although I don’t have much to say, I did start reading Rosenberg’s Dreaming in Code and must say it’s a pretty good so far. It’s not a technical book like something from O’Reilly or Apress, rather a look at a start-up from a nontechnical person’s point of view. From what I’ve read so far, me likie. I’ve never read a book that’s so eloquently woven a company and the process of programming together. I’m jealous.