Movie Collector Demo

A demo is now available

Movies are getting expensive to watch in the theater. The last family trip set me back more than 50 bucks, not including soda and popcorn. So to counteract the high price we started buying DVDs. It’s significantly cheaper than going to the theater. For around $15 you can watch the same movie on your couch without breaking the back and have as many people that you’ve got floor space for. Now we buy about 1 DVD every other week.

Back when I lived close to relatives in San Diego, we borrowed DVDs from one another. Only trouble was that we never borrowed any and everyone else would borrow ours. Not a problem at first, but after a while the movies would forget to make their way back home. To help them find their way back, in my spare time I’ve came up with Movie Collector. It’s a small web app that’ll help you catalog your movie collection and let you know whom the movie is currently with. You can check out a longer description.